YaY Wallet 1.0!

I am so excited to announce my dearest cousin and her husband are launching their first slim wallet! The YaY Wallet 1.0 is an ultra slim wallet with a variety of graphic prints. It really is the first slim wallet that isn’t just for men. This wallet is extremely versatile, unique, and above all-strong. Honestly, we all know what a pain it is to have a wallet full of papers, receipts, and coins! The YaY Wallet 1.0 is the PERFECT way to de-clutter your wallet and make some extra space for more important things.


The designer has been in the garment industry for years and set out to create something that could fit everyone’s needs. This wallet is designed and hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon and all materials are sourced within the US. Made in the U.S.A.!

Check out our little Q&A to see why this wallet is so great!


1. Why did Sunchea Phou start YaY Wallet 1.0?


It started with my busy life style where I needed a slim way of carrying my cash and credit cards without having to use a traditional bulky, fat wallet. Being in the fashion industry for 20 years, when I did find something that might have worked, the quality didn’t meet my standard and was very plain. I decided to create a good quality wallet that represents my personal style. The YaY Wallet 1.0 was born!”  Right now there are 30 prints available

         How Sunchea Phou created the name YaY Wallet: “Why” and “Why”

YaY stands for “Why” she created the product, as stated above and “Why” she started the company.The second “WHY” is that she has always been focused on giving back to the community. The YaY Wallet company is focused on partnering with non-profits, selling wallets with their logo and donating 50% of the retail sales to their cause.

2. Do you use any particular fabrics? What makes it so durable?


YaY Wallet 1.0 ismade from woven elastic. YaY Wallet 1.0 is hand crafted in the USA. Only USA made bonded nylon thread is used for all stitches.

Also, here are some great features:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.38.36 PM

3. How much can the wallet hold?

YaY1008 Portland frt

What is really cool about this wallet is that the elastic allows for maximum capacity for an extended period and will go back to its slim shape to hold one item.  It can hold  2 to 10 credit cards, cash, and a key.

4. Can you create your own graphic?  

YaY1026 Poncho Optional Frt

We are launching on Crowd Supply on May 7th, a crowd funding platform, which has a focus on products. This platform is Reward based where people can choose from different reward tiers.

       At the top end of the tiers are options that allow people to design a wallet.

YaY1039 Day Dreaming Blue frt

“Upload Art Work Here” pledge is $500. Receive 20 wallets with a customized graphic design and unique product name.

“Upload Art Work Here Plus” pledge $1000 and receive 24 wallets with 2 customized graphic design and unique product names and the entire YaY Wallet 1.0 collection.

“You are YaY!” pledge $2500 and receive the entire collection and 12 wallets with a customized graphic design and name; and  and receive 4% royalty for the life of the print that was designed.

We are convinced this wallet will help organize your purses in an extremely stylish way. Whether you are looking to find a new wallet or simply help a local designer, check out YaYa Wallet 1.0’s first launch on Crowd Supply: https://www.crowdsupply.com/yay-wallet/yay-wallet