Our Italy Guide!

18664494_1646693055371466_764020343002023787_n1.  Best Place to Eat While in Rome!
Eat where the locals eat for the best Italian food, that goes for all of Italy, in every region.
In Rome, just one block off the Pantheon. 

2.  What sights are worth skipping?

Don’t skip anything!  My list of sights to see is on 11 out of 40!
Visit the sights I recommended if you only have a week or if you have a layover to stay a few days and review what you want to see to add to your bucket list.
IF you have time for one or two sites to see; Chose the Coliseum or the Roman Forum, they are both close together and possible to cover it all in one day
3.  Favorite thing to eat?
Everywhere I go, I ask the wait staff or better yet the owner, what they suggest is their specialty or what are they best known for. Because I am not a picky eater, I love trying some new.  Mushrooms, seafood, fresh bread and homemade pasta. Abbacchio scottadito, coda allavaccinara, ossobuco con fagioli, filetto al tartufobianco o nero, uova al tartufo,fagioli con le cotiche, saltimbocca allaromana, trippa con mentuccia, pajatasuprenotazione!.
Last but not least…
Have a gelato or two scoopes (uno-due) every day!
Dessert before dinner, second dessert after dinner
4.  Biggest staple fashion item you need in Italy. 
Italian’s are chic dressers, they don’t have to try.  Immolate their layering technique because it is chilly early in the morning and when the sun goes down.
During the summer months from May through August, I layer a viewable tank with a nice matching ‘to-be seen’ lace bra-let.  Then a cotton tee, then the first layer of either a cashmere sweater or a lightweight rain jacket.  Cross body bag, small collapsible umbrella and a hat with a significant brim is important, but the absolute must is the most comfortable walking shoes.  
Comfortable Shoes, because there is a lot of walking…I prefer my black Nike’s.  There are so many shoe manufacturers that make fashionable walking shoes now, but I prefer the closed tow options because of the walking on dirt at many locations for sight seeing.
Take light weight pashmina wraps and use scarves to change up your outfits each day.  It also keeps sun off of your neck and chest.
Winter outfits would be similar in layering but your core color could be black, grey or tonal colors in denim blue, basically a bit darker with heavier fabrics.
DO NOT take anythings that cannot be washed and hung to dry, no ‘dry cleaning only’ except for cashmere. Cotton and Linen are best, I love wrinkled linens and so do the Italians.
My go to color palette for summer is beige, white and grey.  This year I added all tones for denim blue, light blue and navy.  Add shorts, blue jeans, white jeans and a pair of evening dinner low wedges to match.
Inline image 1
5.  Best way to get around?
Trains, no doubt!  Public transportation!  Taxi’s, like any city around the world, become quite costly.
6. Check with your air carrier, all airlines companies have different overhead bin sizes.
The TSA rules have changed recently, don’t get caught with a size that is even 1″ too big.  They WILL not let you fly!
When I travel to Europe, I carry on one duffle bag (max size is 18 x 14 x 8 inches), and one airline approved suitcase, the norm approved size cannot exceed is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.
Some airlines are 21x12x9.
My favorite luggage since I was in college was Travel Pro!