How You Can Help Houston!


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 12.14.20 AMIt’s been a truly devastating time for all of us Texans because of Hurricane Harvey. The situation is only getting worse. It’s already dropped over 2 feet of rain. It has flooded homes, streets, and more. It has made so many evacuate their homes and people are still in danger. The situation is still unfolding and we ask you not to not only send your prayers, but let’s do more. People really need your help during this time and there are many organizations that will be ready to take your donations. There is not donation too small.

“Sadly, only 17% of homeowners in the eight counties most directly hit by Hurricane Harvey have flood insurance policies. More than 80 percent lack flood insurance which will leave countless bankrupt, destitute, and financially ruined. Typical home insurance covers wind damage but fails to cover flooding. Homeowners often have to purchase a separate flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program which runs anywhere between 500 to 2000 dollars a year depending on your location. Individuals will become heavily dependent on FEMA; yet this is a terrible substitute for flood insurance. The grants are typically capped at 33,300 and many individuals receive much less. The difficult and trying times our fellow Texans face can be ameliorated with our support, love, and compassion. Many great charities around doing noble and life-changing work.”-Dr. A¬†Mahmood


Here are some of organization’s you can give back to:


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Please, comment below sharing where else we can give back!