Alzheimers Memory Gala 2017!

“Researchers all over the world are working fervently on a cure to end Alzheimer’s. And once we unlock the mystery of ending Alzheimer’s, we’ll be well on our way to relieving caregiver stress.

That is the Quest of the Alzheimer’s Association. Ending Alzheimer’s disease and providing hope to caregivers worldwide. Pursuing a cure while ensuring care and support services – that’s our mission. Regretfully, we haven’t found the right key yet. But until we do, the Alzheimer’s Association will continue to partner with investigators across the globe, and will provide funding to keep the Quest for a cure on track, and a top priority.”

We were so honored to be coordinating with Alzheimer’s Association and working with such an amazing cause!

Here’s some amazing images by Thomas Garza Photography!

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