Current Favorites

When the new year is upon us, well its the time we love incorporating new things in our life. Whether, its a new statement piece to something in your diet. We are all about trying new things and experimenting. We believe a new start should require all of us to try new things! Today, we are sharing some of our current favorites and items we did incorporate in our lives currently. Which one is your favorite?

Add color to your kitchen: We love adding a pop of color in your kitchen like rose gold because it can feel you completely changed it, but it’s such a minor change.

image (1)

Grey Assemble: We are never against anyone having color in their wardrobe, but during the winter we love having the same color from head to toe with neutral pants. The best part of this look is you can wear these items separately year round!


Healthy Snack: We know the new year brings those healthy resolutions, but they can become extremely monotonous. For example, the same green juice can become very bland! Here’s a great way to have some veggies in your diet, but in a fun way!


Pantone 2017: This year is all about greenery! Pantone’s color of the year is going to make all of us a little more boho with a twist. Here’s a great way to bring in this wonderful color in your home.